Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How my legs feel

Oh yes sir my legs feel so wonderful,when they rub together,or even better when in nylon or silk..mmmmmmmmmm so nice and girlish


  1. Great pictures, and nice entry, you did a good job with your entry here.

  2. Hi Khrissi,

    you have beautiful legs, they look very smooth. Do you shave or epilate?
    I think we own the similar nightgown (in the picture above)...brown colored satin with black colored lace and (what i can not see in your picture) "spagehtti-straps". Sweet one ;)

    Show more of your beauty :-)

    Kisses, Annika

  3. Mama mia.
    Not another one.
    Do they ever quit climbing-up
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    Do you even realize how
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    Do you even care how you might
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    Do you even care if Almighty God
    whom you should obey
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    That's whorizontally great...
    yet, didjew know we're gonna croak
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    Que cera cera.