Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Exercise assignment

Sir I purchased the two DVd's,Buns of steel and a pilates one,alsoI bought a leotard and dance tights from ebay,that arrived yesterday,but I could not collect till today

I started today with 20 mins of the buns of steel,it was hard ,but I persist with it,as i desire a larger firmer butt,The leptard fits very tightly and my legs look great in the tights as you can see.
I wore my black wig to contrast with the colours of the leotard,unfortunately my own hair is insufficient for a girly style

I have been having release regularly and thank ing you each time as instructed.

I will continue my exercises daily each night,and also my plug almost daily,I am up to an hour with it in now.

I await your comments and any further instruction eagarly

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Sir has asked for several things ,picture in my bikini,picture iof my plugs and one with it in,and here they are Sir

Panty drawer punishment

As my panty looked so messy as tried to show as much as possible in pic,Sir decreed I shouldm tidy it kneeling on a broom stick.
I knelt on it ,it hurts my knees a lot so i tidied and reorganized my drawer as quickly as possible.
IT make marks on my knees as it pushed into my sensitive flesh and against bone.

How my legs feel

Oh yes sir my legs feel so wonderful,when they rub together,or even better when in nylon or silk..mmmmmmmmmm so nice and girlish

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Assignment 4

I will get the videos on Monday and start them ASAP sir,and I am already slim..too slim no padding *sigh*,however i will start watching my calorie intake and tracking it.

Assigment 3

I am continuing to use epilator and nair removal cream twice week on whole body.
I purchased 2 bikinis on ebay

I have when had chance been tanning in garden wearing them,however not been a good summer so far! ,only a few days ,however one day I did get too much as I was engrossed in a book.

I keep my nails,both finger and toenails nice,usually with a clear matt polish,occasionally at home a coloured one *smile*

I have 3 buttplugs and use them several times a week,I have worked up to the medium size one,I still cannot take the large.It took 3 months to work up to the medium from small.

assignent 2

I already wear panties all the time,only once in last year worn male briefs ,as I was staying with family.
I threw out all my male briefs except one for emergency,I have about 50 pairs of panties of varying types.

Bringing up to date 2


I already keep my body hairless,other than my head.I use I use a lady shave epilator or babyoil nair on my arms,legs,ass,underarms and privates I use a razor. I rub conditioner on after each time usually twice a week.

Bringing up to date

I am sorry I did not start my blog sooner sir,but I tried and it would not accept my email address,however now I have a new one.