Saturday, June 27, 2009

Assigment 3

I am continuing to use epilator and nair removal cream twice week on whole body.
I purchased 2 bikinis on ebay

I have when had chance been tanning in garden wearing them,however not been a good summer so far! ,only a few days ,however one day I did get too much as I was engrossed in a book.

I keep my nails,both finger and toenails nice,usually with a clear matt polish,occasionally at home a coloured one *smile*

I have 3 buttplugs and use them several times a week,I have worked up to the medium size one,I still cannot take the large.It took 3 months to work up to the medium from small.

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  1. Khrissi, show us some pictures of the plugs, and of you in your bikinis. And since you say you can get the medium one in, let's see a picture proving it. That's a good girl.

    Be sure to include a can or something for comparison for the size of the plugs, because I need to know if you're really applying yourself to stretch to reach the goals I have set for you.