Saturday, June 27, 2009

assignent 2

I already wear panties all the time,only once in last year worn male briefs ,as I was staying with family.
I threw out all my male briefs except one for emergency,I have about 50 pairs of panties of varying types.

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  1. Khrissi, I am so glad you are such an advanced sissy that you have 50 pairs of panties. I am disappointed, however, that they all appear to be in a messy pile.

    When you treat your nice things like crap, you tell others how you will treat them. If you have a sissy girlfriend or a boyfriend over for a play-date, what will they think about you? And by extension, what would they think about me?

    I want you to fold and organize by color your panties. I want you to do it while naked and kneeling with your knees on a broom handle. I want to see a picture of the results, and I don't want to see any wrinkles or sloppy looking piles. I want a picture of you from the side showing an unobstructed view of you from the waist down kneeling on the broom.

    Create a new blog entry detailing the punishment and what you've learned from it, as well as the pictures. Do not remove these pictures or change this entry, because I want you to remember this little incident.